Why choose Brown’s Restorations?

In a word: passion.

Passionate about excellence

Petar Brown started Brown’s Restorations for one reason: as a craftsman, he wanted to do only excellent work. While there are tens of thousands of places that can put paint on a car, Pete wanted to do something more, something better. For Pete, “good enough” was never good enough, and he knew that he was not alone. Pete and the rest of the staff at Brown’s Restorations are passionate about only delivering the best work that money can buy.

Passionate about the craft

The mark of a true craftsman is that they are always refining their craft. It is more than a job. More than a paycheck. It is excitement about what they do. It is enthusiasm for their craft that runs in their veins. Their craft is who they are. Pete and his staff are constantly improving and evolving their process, their equipment, and their skillset. Not because they have to, not because they need to stay competitive, but because as craftsmen, they know no other way.

Passionate about cars

Car guys. Gear heads. Auto enthusiasts. They can talk non-stop for hours about every aspect of every car. They buy books about cars, plan vacations around visits to auto museums and car shows, and can tell endless stories about every car they’ve ever owned. Whatever you call them, there are just certain people who just love cars… Antique cars, hotrods, muscle cars, roadsters, exotic cars… all cars. Pete is one of those people. And so is his staff.

Brown’s Restorations knows that every car that comes through the door can be reborn, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Their passion is why they get out of bed, why they come to work, and what drives them to deliver perfection.

And it’s why you should choose Brown’s Restoration for your next project.