Down to the metal

The first step is to get the car down to bare metal. This can be done a variety of ways, depending upon the condition of the vehicle, the type of material in the body panel, and your budget. We employ a variety of techniques from an alkali bath, which removes the chemical bond between the paint and the metal, to more traditional methods like media blasting.


A perfect metal base is crucial to having perfect paint. No matter how well paint is applied, if the metal is imperfect, nothing else matters. We will massage, grind, sand, weld, and (if absolutely necessary) fill the body panels until they are perfect.

Epoxy primer

Every part of the car is coated in a heavy-duty epoxy primer. This protective coat completely encapsulates the metal, ensuring that it is fully protected. It also provides a good surface for the paint to adhere to. At this step, any flaws in the surface are easier to see than on the bare metal, and any additional fine-tuning to ensure a perfect surface is completed.


The car is now ready for the spray booth. It is taped and lifted as necessary. At this step skill and artistry combine as the paint and clear coat are laid in complete uniformity. This is where the tens of thousands of hours of experience of Pete are truly put on display.

Perfecting the dream

There is no substitute for this crucial step. The final clear coat is sanded and and then wet-sanded by hand to a mirror-like finish. To do it right can mean 700 man-hours or more just in this step alone. This level of craftsmanship and dedication to quality is what makes Brown’s Restorations one of the premier auto restorers anywhere.

Assembly & Delivery

At this point the car is ready for assembly. Brown’s Restorations can do the complete restoration for you, or we can deliver the perfectly-restored body, ready for mechanicals, glass, and trim.