They are more than cars.

They are more than transportation.

They are moving works of art.

Your Car

It’s the car you spent your youth dreaming about owning, turning your head to look every time you saw one on the road. It’s the car you worked all summer to buy. It’s your dad’s car. The father-son project. The missing piece in your collection. Whatever car it is, it’s your car. And it’s special for reasons uniquely yours.

Your Dream

Perfect. That’s your dream, isn’t it? A perfect specimen of the perfect car, glittering like a diamond. To achieve this level of perfection, to make your dream come true, you understand that there can be no compromises. You understand what is required to make your dream a shining reality. You’re more than willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill that dream.

Our Passion

At Brown’s Restorations, we share your passion for beautiful cars. We love the curves, we love the lines, we love every flare and fin and scoop. We obsess over every detail. We do this because where others see mere metal, we see ageless artistry.

On second thought, maybe it’s more than passion, maybe it’s more of an obsession.